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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

Carmel’s house is a small setting with limited numbers of children, but that brings with it great advantages. Every child that is in our care is treated as a unique little person able to develop and grow at their own pace. This allows their individual personalities, character and identity to flourish in a safe and happy home from home environment.


We also strongly encourage group play which enhances confidence and builds a great platform for preschool nursery or full school. Children are offered a wide range of activities from watching tv and movies, computer games, dressing up, role play, quizzes, X factor shows and art, we also have a well equipped toy room. Given our small numbers it allows us to focus more closely on the children and gives us the time to interact with each child individually to address their needs more effectively.

We also have an extensive outside garden play area where the children can play ball games, tag or other sports. There is also an enclosed area where smaller children can play safely. All our play is age appropriate and strictly supervised. School going children are also given the opportunity to complete after school homework or projects. We also have regular fun baking sessions where the children can join in making muffins, cookies and bread. All our food from breakfast to dinner including snacks are prepared in our kitchen and sourced from local ingredients.

Every child with us is special and each birthday is celebrated with a party where all the children join in. We are so proud of all the children that have passed through our doors throughout the years and who have left us stronger more confident and unique little people, ready to take on the world.

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