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Here at Carmel’s House whenever we get a spare place available we always welcome new faces to come and join our little team. Our admissions policy is quite straightforward and we always try to work with all our lovely parents and guardians. Children of siblings already attending Carmel’s house do get preference, but outside of this if we have the space all are welcome to apply. We go through a set process as below before we confirm admission to our facility.

· Initial contact with Carmel to discuss your Child’s needs

· An appointment to visit Carmel’s house to get a look around, have a chat and ask all the questions you can think of

· If your happy with what you see and hear, we can arrange other longer visits prior to you agreeing to place your child in Carmel’s house, these will be free of charge and are aimed at getting your child familiar with the surroundings, the staff, and some of the other children

· If your still happy we can finalise the days you would like your child to attend and sign the contract

· Your child attends as agreed

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