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Statement of Purpose                     


Carmel McConville

Background Information


10 Lough Road Crossmaglen Newry Co Down BT35 9BU

I am a registered chldminder with NICMA and authorised to look after a maximum of 6 children. These are divided between under and over cumpulsory primary school age. I am married and have an adult daughter

Admissions policy

Once you have indicated your wish for me to look after you child I will encourage you to arrange short visits with the child to allow them to get used to the surroundings and to settle. I have a one week settling in period which we can agree at the start of the childminding arrangement, during which the notice period will not apply if either party wishes to end the arrangement. I welcome all families to my house and will not discriminate against children or parents for reasons such as race, religion, sex, or ability.

Childminding Policies

All of my policies relating to my childminding setting will be shared and discussed with you and I will ask you to confirm your agreement of the details.

Medical Details

Any specific medical details such as allergies or current medication requirements should be discussed  prior to your child joining us.


I try as much as possible to work closely with parents/guardians regarding each childs routine. Each morning I will provide a healthy snack if required. I provide a healthy home made lunch everyday for all children as well as all drinks etc. I collect children from local Primary Schools in the Crossmaglen area everyday and this will form part of the children’s routine.

Charges and fees

All fees will be agreed prior to your child joing my setting.

A reduced fee may be negotiated if more than one child from the one family attend. All food and drinks are included.

Retainer fees

Parents who have an existing child or children at this facility and choose to leave the facility for an extended period of time due to circumstances such as, maternity leave or school summer holidays etc, will need to provide a retainer fee to keep their place. This can be discussed prior to the child leaving

Planning for Holiday periods

Parents or guardians will be expected to agree planned holiday periods other than the normal seasonal Christmas-Easter breaks well in advance of them happening to allow planning for other children and parents.

The role of parents

As a registered childminder I respect parents are first and foremost the main carers and educators of the children. I will work in partnership with parents/guardians on all aspects of their childs well being.

The Complaints Policy

A full copy of my complaints policy is in the policy and procedures file stored at 10 Lough Road Crossmaglen BT35 9BU. Parents are provided with  a copy of this prior to their child joining the facility.

Children with additional needs

I welcome children with additional needs and by working closely with the parents/guardians I will try to meet the indivudual needs of that child. I provide an environment that promotes inclusion, sharing and diversity and fair play for all.

The inspection role of the HSC Trust.

Under the Children (NI) order 1995 I am registered by the local Health and Social Care Trust Early Years Team. Their role is to ensure that I am a fit person to provide childcare within a safe home environment. I have had police checks carried out and  a fit person declaration completed by my GP Doctor Patrick Fee. My home has also been inspected to ensure it meets all health and safety requirements. All persons over the age of 10 who reside with me have also had police checks carried out on them. Once  a year I will have an inspection from the HSC Early years team and can also have an unannounced inspection at any time.

Leaving the facility – ending the arrangement

All parents or guardians who wish to leave this chilcare facility are requested to provide at least 1 months notice. This is to ensure other arrangements can be put in place.


Each child is valued and their well being, development and learning are the main focus of everything I do.

Aims and objectives

My aim as outlined in my mission statement is the safety and happiness of your child and to provide a nurturing childcare facility. I aim to encourage your child to develop in a warm, stimulating, homely environment where they are valued as individuals. By working in partnership with each parent we can ensure that each child and their family needs are met

Opening Hours

I am open Monday to Friday from 8.00am until 6.00pm.

Non - Attendance

It is generally expected that agreed set days for the child to attend will be subject to full payment in the event of non-attendance as set out in the fees and charges section of this document.

Emergency Arrangements

In the event of a medical emergency I will initially attend to your child whilst also immediately contacting appropriate professional medical care. I will also utilise the contact numbers provided by parents/guardians to inform them of the situation. In the event of an emergency where I have to leave the childcare setting I have designated emergency cover which I will require your written consent for prior to agreeing to look after your child.

Parental Consents

I will require parental/guardian consent from parents in order that your child can take part in general day to day practices such as travelling in the car on the school run. These will be confirmed prior to your child joining the facility.


I have a vehicle which I use to transport children as part of the school run. This vehicle is fully insured and maintained and appropriate seats and seatbelts fitted. I will require parental consent for children to use this transport.

I am able to accept all childcare vouchers and Government childcare tax relief schemes. Parents who receive Government assistance with childcare fees are expected to pay in full during Bank/Public/ and seasonal holiday periods. This is due to the fact that parents or guardians who receive this help are paid by the Government for these periods and hence should pass on these payments to their allotted childcare provider. Non payment of these fees during these periods can lead to discrepancies between what is returned by your provider to HMRC and what you receive.

I am  a registered childminder with the Southern Health and Social Care Trust – Early Years Team. I am a member of NICMA the childminding association and hold relevant public and legal liability insurance. I am also registered with the local environmental health office.

Policies on safeguarding and behaviour management

I have a child protection policy and a managing Childrens Behaviours Policy which is shared and agreed with all parents during the negotiation stage of the childminding arrangement. Any ammendements of this are shared as and when they happen. Copies of all policies and procedures are kept at 10 Lough Road Crossmaglen BT35 9BU

Information about activities provided for children

I provide a range of activities both indoor and outdoor to suit a wide age range. Activities are provided to suit the age and stage of each child’s development. Activities include creative play, (dressing up, arts and crafts etc) jigsaws, lego etc. playdough, water play, cooking. Outdoor play includes sand tray, trikes, footballs and various other toys. All outdoor play is in a contolled protected area especially for the children.

The range of resources available

I provide lots of child friendly resources and experiences such as age appropriate toys, play area, cooking, dressing up painting and many other games. Each child also where appropriate have their own sleeping area, bed linen and travel cot which is washed after each use. All children are also closely monitored at all times including sleep time. All car seats used conform to BS Kite Mark Standards and my car is insured for my childminding business.

Recording practice and access to these records by HSC Trust.

I keep the following records which are stored at 10 Lough Road Crossmaglen BT35 9BU



Childs personal record

Cash Book and attendance register

Accident Incident forms which includes administration of medication

Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessment – including fire drill log book

It is my intention that this will be a great experience for both you and your child. I will certainly do everything within my power to give you what all parents really want with regard to having their child cared for – peace of mind.

Government assistance with childcare fees – Bank / Public Seasonal/Holiday periods.

Registration and insurance information

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